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Several people have asked us about Comfort Meditation’s price and we want to explain it.

When we came up with the idea of ​​a new meditation cushion, we wanted:

  • That it would include a zafu and a zabuton
  • A proper grip and stance width to be healthy
  • True Comfort
  • Support for knees and ankles


We achieved all this through the following technical characteristics:

  • A tilt seat to facilitate an upright back posture
  • Special bend in the knees
  • A solid base to support feet and ankles
  • High density foam in the base to ensure proper support and prevent rolling; moreover, it does not warp and is capable of returning to its original state after enduring body weight. Products made with this technology have a longer life
  • A foam layer of a much lower density to accommodate the body smoothly and ensure comfort
  • Heat insulation, non-toxic, odorless
  • 100% recyclable


Also, we wanted total quality, so we completed it with a cover that has the following characteristics:

  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable: incorporates a zipper for removal and washing
  • Sewn by hand with double seams to ensure product life


We thought that it should be portable so that people could take it where needed. To achieve this, we added:

  • A bag to carry it anywhere with a handy pocket to put keys, cell phone, etc.
  • Very low weight: only 1.5 kgs. (Much less than a zafu plus a zabuton)
  • Waterproof and hypoallergenic


We try to be a conscious company and therefore:

  • Ensure that the manufacturing process involves no child labor or people working in undignified conditions, so we decided to manufacture it 100% in the UE
  • That distributors have sufficient margin for proper operation
  • That the pace of work of the people who make the team will meet their needs
  • Dedicate a percentage of profits to facilitate to others access to meditation, as we think that it favors people’s welness


With all this, we believe we have succeeded in manufacturing a truly excellent product.

Numerous experts and other meditators have tried it for more than two and a half hours at a time and found it very comfortable and healthy. They have also confirmed that:

  • It is a great product for people who begin, so they adopt a proper posture for meditation
  • It is especially suitable for people with limited flexibility. For example men or older people that have some difficulties which the sitting meditation posture
  • People with osteoarthritis in hips and knees have felt a huge improvement over other media

These groups have found a cushion that allows them sitting meditation despite their difficulties.


We believe that we bring a new high quality alternative; for many people it may be the only way to meditate sitting.

It is true that the resulting price is not accessible for everybody, but there are enough options to choose from. However, if someone has health problems that would make it advisable to meditate on the Comfort cushion and cannot afford it, we welcome them to contact us and give up our profit margin so that they can get it.

Our desire is to provide a comfortable and healthy solution for people who want to practice meditation.

We are open to hearing your suggestions and continuously improve the cushion and adapt it to the needs of the meditators.

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