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About a year ago we launched the meditation cushion Comfort. It was a great innovation in an ancient sector and it’s been fascinating to see what does people who have tried it say about it. In summary:

[piopialo vcboxed=”1″]Comfort Meditation Cushion has been very useful for hundreds of meditators[/piopialo]

Let’s look at that for which we design it compared to the comments received:

  • If you are starting: it provides you with a natural posture and avoids tensions

cojin meditacion

It met my expectations. I tried it only for one week but for now it delivers what it promises, it is comfortable and helps you maintain the correct posture for meditation which is important when you are a rookie. It is also decorative. It was delivered before the date indicated.

cojin yoga

  • It helps to enjoy a full and healthy meditation


  • Promotes profound and prolonged meditation


Extraordinary. I bought it as a present to a friend who does a lot of meditation and she is delighted, she keeps on thanking me, She feels more rested on this cushion on which she stays for hours without resenting on her back problems. It is expensive, but well worth it.

cojin zafu

It allowed me to meditate every day. After two months of use, I meditate every day. It is very convenient and helps me meditate more deeply. It seems incredible that a cushion can bring that much satisfaction.

Personally, it has helped me a lot on long courses like Vipassana; one gets there, sits down and can stay as long as wished. I’m not the only one who thinks that, on occasions some have commented: “This cushion has saved our lives in the meditation course.”

  • Especially suitable for people with limited flexibility and / or joint problems


Just perfect! Excellent product for less flexible people that do not like meditation banks. Strong points: – The slight inclination of the seat puts your back directly in a good position – Support for hips and knees that are no longer in the air. – Since I have this cushion I can meditate over an hour without changing my position and effortlessly, it was impossible for me with a normal Zafu. And above all and especially: I no longer have back pain when I meditate! In short, this cushion is simply stunning. It is true that it does not go unnoticed in a meditation room, because it looks a bit like a throne 🙂 but you have to take into account the need for comfort. Note that it also has a convenient carrying bag.

  • Practical bag for transport; soft and washable cover; 100% produced in Europe


Very good manufacturing quality, very comfortable and very significant carrying bag. It allows to maintain the position without fatigue. I especially recommend it to those who are not very flexible.


  • Available in three colors


I would add that it has also a “pull factor” which I call:

  • Nest effect

Your are “pulled” to meditation as if it were a place you would like to go. It seems that also happens to Fina: Comentario-9-FB

I am very happy. I was hesitant to buy it or not, for its price, but I would buy it again, it is wonderful and since I have it, my meditations are more constant

Seeing how the cushion has really helped so many people, we want to continue thinking and further developing other “elements” that can help us to enjoy a full meditation.

Some of the plans we have are: a meditating poncho, the mini version of Comfort … and other things our customers may need. Ideas are welcome!

As you can see, we’re really enjoying the project!

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